Classroom Decorum

Self-discipline is necessary to achieve self-direction. Thus school rules are a help to strengthen the pupil’s determination for integral growth. They are guidelines to self-development rather than restrictions to it

  • Students should sit in the appropriate places allotted to them by their teacher. They are not permitted to move around inside and outside the class in the absence of the teacher during school
  • Students should maintain discipline during class hours and ensure that they don’t disturb the adjacent classes while performing any
  • Students should maintain class cleanliness and order at all times and will be awarded points at regular
  • Students can leave the classroom only with the permission of the Incase of leaving the class due to sickness, the student should take the permission of the teacher, report to the Principal and obtain a gate pass before leaving the campus. Parents will be informed in such cases to accompany their child home.
  • Students are requested not to consume eatables and water inside the class without
  • Playing inside the classroom and in the verandah during school hours is strictly
  • Class leaders with the help of the students will be responsible for the neat arrangement of the desks and benches, closing the windows, switching off the lights while leaving for outdoor activities and at the end of the
  • Any damage done in the classroom or about the premises of the school will have to be made
  • Inappropriate books, newspaper, magazines, mobile phones, cassettes, compact disc (CDs), pendrives and other electronic devices such as hard discs should not be brought to school without the consent of the school
  • Chewing gum and packet food stuff of any kind are prohibited in the school
  • Update the classroom notice boards