Our teacher at Auxilium School is inspiring, dedicated, patient, and passionate about nurturing young minds. They make learning enjoyable and meaningful.


The school’s faculty is a vital component of the educational institution, playing a pivotal role in shaping the academic and personal growth of students. This report provides an overview of the school’s faculty, which currently consists of 110 dedicated members.

Faculty Composition

Teaching Staff: The majority of the faculty, comprising 85 members, are classroom educators responsible for imparting knowledge and fostering student development.
Administrative Staff: The school employs 15 administrative professionals who manage various aspects of school operations, including finance, human resources, and student services

Support Staff

There are 10 support staff members who provide essential services such as maintenance, janitorial, and cafeteria support, ensuring a conducive learning environment.

Meeting the Faculty

•The reporting of all staff members is at 08.20 a.m.
•Parents seeking quick clarifications from the staff, may meet them between 08.20 a.m. and 08.30 a.m. or after 03.40 p.m.
• Parents are expected to meet the Principal, coordinator, counsellor only with prior appointment.
• Parents will not be permitted inside the campus after the first bell.
• Parents are requested to meet the principal/counsellor/co-coordinator/teacher in case of such a request by the school authorities.
• Parents must attend the scheduled Parent-Teacher meetings and Open house days in the interest of their ward.