Rules and Regulations

Self-discipline is necessary to achieve self-direction. Thus school rules are a help to strengthen the pupil’s determination for integral growth. They are guidelines to self-development rather than restrictions to it

  • Pupils must talk in English in the school campus in order to facilitate the learning of the language.
  • No gifts or donation to the teachers are allowed.
  • Mobile phones, camera, ipod are banned in the school premises.
  • Forgery of parent’s signature or altering of marks and ranks will be seriously dealt
  • All communications should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teacher.
  • Teachers and pupils are not allowed to meet the parents or visitors during the school
  • No school transaction will be done through the phone.
  • The pupils and staff are forbidden to organize any meeting, fund raising, ticket selling, parties, picnics, class organization and political activities in the school campus.
  • Pupils should be courteous to all at school and outside, in their words and deeds, and be considerate towards others. They are expected to greet all the staff members and be polite.
  • Pupils shall  co–operate  with  the authorities in keeping the premises clean and tidy. Keep campus clean; use litter bins.
  • Be honest during tests, examinations and submission of assignments. Completion of the class work, homework, assignments in time and as per the Any failure in performing these tasks will result in loss of marks. The respective teacher will maintain the cumulative record for each student.
  • Use the computers in the school responsibly. Treat with care and respect the  school  property  and  property  of   fellow  students.
  • Every student must bring the hand book to the school. It must be kept neat and secure. In case of loss of handbook, it must be reported immediately to the class teacher and a new hand book must be obtained after paying the fine amount. action.
  • Repeated violations of  the school rules will lead to disciplinary